Portfolio Samples

Portfolio samples below were created using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign orĀ Macromedia Freehand. Click thumbnails for larger view.

Day Of Dead Poster

Hobbit Shire Party Poster

Scareaoke Poster

Hop Blossom Logo


Fiesta Con Loco Poster

'80s & '90s Dance Poster

Cognitive Dissident Logo

PhotoGnome Roast Poster

Markster Con Logo

Tornado Aid Poster

Dr. Rockzo Poster

Live Metal Karaoke Poster

Live Metal Karaoke Poster

City Stages Preview Cover

Pancake Chowdown

Pancake Chowdown Poster

Wireless Hot Spots Cover

Alice Cooper Concert Cover

Kids DVD Wrap

Belly Dance Promo

Summer Movie Guide Cover

Holiday Movie Guide Cover

Sidewalk Eight Years Cover

Cinco de Mayo Karaoke

Beat The Heat Cover

Day Of Dead Cover

Holiday Gift Guide Cover

Heavy Metal Party II Poster

Guide to Grammys Cover

Spring Movie Guide Cover

Christian/Pop Rock Cover

Jazz Festival Cover

Do Dah Day Cover

LifeStyle Feature Layouts

Season 5 A.I. Cover

Spring Events Cover

27 in 2007 Cover

Summer Film Series Cover

Food Page Layouts

Sci-Fi Creatures Cover

Bob & Willie Live Cover

Dancing Shoes Cover

Sloss BBQ Festival Cover

LifeStyle Feature Layouts

Readers Choice Cover

Rod Stewart Live

Best Of.... Cover

Halloween Week Cover

Pavoratti Cover

Elvira Cover

Play Cover

Food/LifeStyle Layouts

Mystery Big Top Cover

Midnight Munchies Cover

Summer Movies Cover

City Stages Guide Cover

Idol Tour Rolls Cover

Hip Hop Festival Cover

Best Wings Winner Cover

LifeStyle Feature Layouts

Walk The Line Cover

Sidewalk Turns 7 Cover

Eric Clapton Cover

Beat The Heat Cover

ImagiCon Rave Poster

Live Karaoke Website

Epiphone Guitar Promo

Art Connection Cover

City Stages Button Cover

Fall Movies Cover

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